The Furman Co. has provided comprehensive solutions in real estate and risk management for over 125 years.  In 1888, the founders of our company paved the way for local development, education, and growth in commerce. Today, we continue the tradition of local expertise while offering a global network of services.


Founded by a visionary, Alester G. Furman was admitted to the practice of law by the Supreme Court of South Carolina.  From the beginning, the law office actually became an insurance and real estate business originally known as The Alester G. Furman Company which has developed into the present organization.


There have been several partners from 1888 until now. After twenty six years of running the company, Alester G. Furman was joined by his son Alester G. Furman, Jr. in 1914. This began Alester G. Furman, Jr.’s connection of forty-seven years with the company.

Alester G. Furman, III joined the Alester G. Furman Company as vice president and treasurer in 1946 and succeeded his father as chief executive officer on January 1, 1961 upon the latter’s retirement.

The business was incorporated January 4, 1954. The Alester G. Furman Company was changing; in the years immediately ahead, the pace would accelerate. After incorporating, the firm’s growth was dramatic. Furman, his partners, and their associates had contributed to and helped shape those changes. The company his grandfather had started, his father had shaped, and he had expanded had rooted itself in real estate.

Junius Garrison later assumed control of all aspects of the company and named his son Henry Garrison as its new chief executive officer. He also appointed Stephen Navarro, whom the company had hired in 1983, as executive vice president and junior partner in the firm.

The Furman Co. celebrated its centennial in 1988.  Among the company executives who joined in this milestone celebration were chairman of the board Junius Garrison, his son Henry Garrison, the company’s president and chief executive officer, and Stephen Navarro, its executive vice president. 

As The Furman Co. entered the twenty-first century leadership recognized the rapidly changing and highly charged global economy and the new opportunities presented at home. Between 1999 and 2001 the company’s structure changed into distinct but closely related limited liability corporations in order to emphasize its strengths and enhance its services to clients.

Currently The Furman Co. is lead by the expertise of president and chief executive officer Stephen Navarro.

The men and women who have contributed to the remarkable success of The Furman Co. over the years have also been responsible for creating a steadfast organization that continues to deliver sophisticated advisory services with integrity and quality assurance, creating sustainable value for our clients, employees and community.